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Qdo was born in Copenhagen, 2004, celebrating simple pleasure in life and making life cozy and enjoyable.

Qdo believes happiness in life is built upon quality moments in life, not upon material we pursue. Moments of love, moments of fun, moments of intimacy- simple, everyone can claim it.

A Qdo moment, is an ambience, an experience of Hygge. It could be a regular afternoon where you sit with your best friends taking a sip of coffee, chatting for hours, or it could be an alone time by the candlelight savoring the magazine you always want to read. It is about living in the moment, feeling completely yourself and cozy.

Taking pride in our Scandinavian roots, we team up with respected European designers to design fun, quirky yet functional products to complete your Qdo moments. Whether you are at work, outdoor or home, you will find the right tools!

Let’s have a Qdo moment, shall we?

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