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Our Tea Spoon can be taken literally — it is an infuser, strainer, and spoon all in one. Made of sleek stainless steel, the magnetic tips allow the two sides to fit together perfectly to form an infuser. When separated, it becomes a strainer and a spoon. With the embedded magnets and the silicon flap, it is easy to close and split the units.

Designed by Murken Hansen


Place your tea leaves in the dancers’ bellies and let them hang from the rim of your cup for a cute dance performance! Our B-Dancer design adds a bit of fun and enriches your visual experience to brewing your cup of tea. In the set of two, you can choose between our gentlemen or lady dancer. Our B-Dancers fit most cup, mugs, and thermoses.

Designed by Pernille Vea


Simple though stylish, our heat-resistant borosilicate glass teapot is perfect for any situation. Holding up to 1 Litre, you can make your favourite brew tea for yourself and others. Our design is tailored to all users, as our handle is perfectly angled to avoid any heat and burn. This is a perfect item for Tea Lovers as well as the average Joe.

Designed by Pernille Vea

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